We provide services for every aspect of the rendering process, including installation, maintenance, and consulting services. Our commitment to providing quality new, used, and rebuilt equipment has become well known throughout the continental United States, as well as the international market, including Mexico, Ireland, England, Jamaica, Canada, South America, and Central America. Gainesville Welding & Rendering Equipment, Inc. offers a wide variety of new, used, and rebuilt rendering equipment. We carry a large inventory of cookers including Anco, Dupps, and Boss cookers in a variety of sizes. We also have cooker parts, such as paddles and caps, suffing boxes, and packing glands in stock and ready to customize to your specifications. Prebreakers, condensers, heat exchanges, dryers, shaker screens, gear boxes, and replacement parts are also available.Gainesville Welding & Rendering Equipment, Inc. is dedicated to helping customers realize an improve production and ease of operation with sales of the most reliable  new, used, and rebuilt rendering equipment along with prompt, expert service in all related area and equipment.

Gainesville Welding & Rendering Equipment, Inc. is certified by The National Board with the "R" stamp, which allows us to make repairs to pressure vessels in accordance with state and national specifications. Also, we abide by OSHA regulations and train our employees to be aware of safety hazards in a confined space work area. Abiding by these regulations is a direct result of the personal dedication and commitment each employee has at Gainesville Welding and Rendering Equipment, Inc. to provide our customers with quality that is unsurpassed in the rendering and other related industries.

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